Repair and RMA

For all non-warranty repairs DeltaM2M reserves the right to charge you a diagnostic fee including repair and shipping charges.

Return process:

1. RMA form
Please fill in the RMA request form and we will provide an RMA number. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Before returning, please ensure that the problem is not related to software configuration problems (reinstall the software without saving the configuration).

2. Send your product
Mark shipping box with RMA number you have been assigned to and return products to designated address in RMA Policy. Products to be returned should be properly packed to avoid any damage during delivery. Unwanted transportation damage may cause false analysis results and can lead to invalidation of warranty.

3. Confirmation
When products are received and registered, we will notify you by sending an e-mail.

4. Customer acceptance
If the product is covered by the warranty, repair will start without further notice. For non-warranty product, repair will start according to the entered repair price in RMA request form, if repair cost exceeds entered repair price, we will contact you to give us confirmation about what should we do.

5. Return
If the repair is done under warranty, we will return the product to the customer at no charge.

The warranty only covers defects in material and workmanship and is subject to the exclusions listed below. The warranty is limited to the original purchaser and is not transferable.

DeltaM2M er specialist i IoT og M2M løsninger. IoT (Internet-of-Things) og M2M (Machine-to-Machine) kommunikation er dataudveksling mellem en central server og maskiner, anlæg, PLC-styringer, CTS-anlæg eller varmestyringer, som typisk er installeret på forskellige lokationer.

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