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DeltaBox MC-4 Modem Controller

The DeltaBox MC-4 is a 19” rackmountable Modem Controller capable of housing up to a total of 4 modems.

Industrial standard modems like Cinterion MC35iT, MC55iT and BGS2T are often seen hanging inside computer rack enclosures on their cables due to their small footprint.

This results in the risk of failure due to reorganizing devices and cables inside the rack and unstable fixing.

The DeltaBox MC-4 Modem Controller offers a solid solution for this.

Inside the DeltaBox MC-4 it is possible to mount up to 4 modems, connected to a built in Moxa NPort 6450 Device Server and an industrial standard power supply.

In addition, the DeltaBox MC-4 also includes a GSM signal switch so that all modems installed can share one antenna.

With the DeltaBox MC-4, you will only need:

  • one LAN-connection
  • one Power connection
  • one GSM-antenna.

This solution will secure, that all modems and the Device Server are properly fastened inside the rack, thereby limiting the possibility of failure.

DeltaBox MC-4 is delivered with Moxa NPort 6450 and all cables, ready to be mounted with up to 4 Cinterion modems.

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