WMO8685 antenne 868 Mz

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Varenummer WMO8685-SM-5M Kategori


The WMO8685 is a high gain 868 MHz outdoor omni antenna with 5 dBi gain designed for ISM band Sigfox and LoRa access applications

The WMO8685 is a high gain 868 MHz outdoor omni antenna designed for 868MHz licence free applications including European LoRa and SIGFOX frequencies. Offering up to 5.5 dBi gain, the WMO8685 is a wall-mounted antenna suitable for continuous outdoor deployment. The high gain performance makes the WMO8685 a good choice for areas of fringe or weak network signal.
Measuring just 1045mm and weighing just 950gr, the WMO8685 is housed in a glass fibre tube, with chromed brass base and stainless steel bracket. It comes as standard with a 5M RG58 and a coaxial connector pre-terminated. Other cable lengths and connector types are available, please contact ua for more information.



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