DeltaM2M helps Miele Denmark to improve service levels and decrease maintenance hours by leveraging the power of Sierra Wireless routers installed in 1,300 laundry facilities

The cloudbased administration and firmware update system ALMS (AirLink Management Service) has enabled Miele to reduce the number of times, where service technicians must drive out to service the entire fleet of more than 1.300 installed Sierra Wireless gateways. The use of ALMS means even higher uptime, but also savings in time, cost and at the same time contributing to limit carbon emmisions.

Yes, please tell me more

Tell me more about how to install and maintain more than 1300 Sierra Wireless AirLink routers using ALMS (AirLink Management Services).

DeltaM2M er specialist i IoT og M2M løsninger. IoT (Internet-of-Things) og M2M (Machine-to-Machine) kommunikation er dataudveksling mellem en central server og maskiner, anlæg, PLC-styringer, CTS-anlæg eller varmestyringer, som typisk er installeret på forskellige lokationer.

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